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This page lists the basic restrictions when developing with Navigraph data. For full details, please see the Developer Terms of Service.

No Professional UseRead the “No Professional Use” section

The most common question we get is: Can the navigation data and charts be used in a professional context? The short answer is: No.

On the page How Does It Work? we are describing permitted usage on a high level, but the complete details are found in our Terms of Service. In these terms the word “professional” is not defined. We do provide a non-exhaustive list of examples of purposes for which our navigation data and charts may be used, this list should only be interpreted as a guide. The terms, and subsequently the license given to subscribers, only permits game-based learning in personal computer flight simulation software. Conversely, this definition means that usage for all other purposes is not permitted. Moreover the terms say that a Navigraph account can only be held by a private individual, which prevents multiple users to use one license. In short, usage in any professional context is not possible.

Only Flight SimulationRead the “Only Flight Simulation” section

The navigation data and the charts must only be used for flight simulation. It must not be used for any real world-flight navigation, or any other real-world application. You cannot use the datasets for any type of research, home projects, or to power any other type of system och application for any other purpose than flight simulation.

No Charts in Physical EFBsRead the “No Charts in Physical EFBs” section

Another restriction which is not explicitly mentioned in the Terms of Service, but which is one of the criteria in the review process, is that implementations of the Charts API cannot be physical EFBs with software which can run outside of the context of a flight simulator. Detachable virtual gauges and FMC implementations running in networked mode together with an active flight simulator are examples of implementations which are deemed acceptable.

Navigraph Charts for iPad and Android has several safeguards in place which prevents it from being used in a real cockpit. To avoid having to check for the same safeguards, or risk assuming any responsibility, the review process becomes simpler if the Chart API simply cannot be used in any other place than inside the simulator as a virtual EFB or, in exceptional cases, as a auxiliary screen which cannot function outside the local network on which a simulator software is running.

No Charts in Desktop AppsRead the “No Charts in Desktop Apps” section

Furthermore, while the API offers great flexibility, we do not permit Charts API implementations in applications that resemble the functionality available in Navigraph Charts.

No Chart-Like Renderings Based on Navigation dataRead the “No Chart-Like Renderings Based on Navigation data” section

We do not permit the Navigraph FMS Data API being used to produce chart-like renditions, diagrams or any other pictorial interpretation of navigation data that could be used as a chart.