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The SimBrief API was created for developers who wish to include SimBrief flight planning features on their website.

When a flight plan is generated using the API, it returns an XML data file containing nearly every internal SimBrief variable which was used in the process. This provides the utmost in flexibility; developers seeking a quick and easy solution might choose to simply display the OFP text and/or PDF file on their VA’s dispatch page, while others may want to create an entire custom dispatch system along with a custom OFP layout. Because of the wide range of variables this API returns, there are many possibilities!

Getting StartedRead the “Getting Started” section

If you are interested in using the API to add flight planning capabilities to your VA or website, please contact us. Please give a short description of how you will use the API, and we will send you the required files and an API key to get you started!

View DemoRead the “View Demo” section

A demo of the API can be viewed here. Please pay no attention to the page style (or lack thereof), it is merely meant to illustrate how the popup window works and what kind of information is available afterwards in the resulting XML file. It should be noted that the PHP class can also provide the data as a standard PHP array and as a JSON object.