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Fetching a User's Latest OFP Data

To download the XML data for a SimBrief user's latest flight plan, please use the following endpoint:

Where "userid" is the Pilot ID of the requested user. Your SimBrief Pilot ID can be found either by visiting the Account Settings page, or by opening a New Flight, scrolling to the Optional Entries section, and checking the default value of the "Pilot ID" option.

To retrieve flight data using a user's username instead, use the following endpoint:{username}

On success, these requests will return HTTP status code 200 and the XML data for the user's most recent flight.

If an invalid user is specified, or an error occurs, it will return HTTP status code 400 (Bad Request) and a small XML-formatted error message.

Update: A JSON object can now be returned instead by appending &json=1 to the above URLs. For example:{username}&json=1