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Request Access

PrerequisitesRead the “Prerequisites” section

To be able to use the Navigraph API you need client credentials, namely the Client Id and Client Secret mentioned in the documentation for the endpoints. To get credentials you will need to apply for access. The requirement for getting access is that your application is not breaking the restrictions and limitations of the API.

The API is free to use for developers. The end-user of the application will need an active Navigraph Subscription (any) to recieve current navigation data. For downloading charts the end-user needs an active Navigraph Ultimate Subscription.

The application processRead the “The application process” section

First read the chapter about restrictions and limitations. When you have verified that your application will adhere to the rules in this document, send an email to and be sure to include the following information in the mail for us to be able to process your request:

  • The name of your company/group/affiliation (if existing).

  • The type of application you need credentials for.

  • The purpose of the app and what platform it is built on.

  • If you need access to Navigation data API, Charts API or both. (Note that Charts API can only be granted for applications running in-process in a Flight Simulator).

  • The authentication flow(s) that your application will use.

  • If you will use the Authorization Code Flow provide the Redirect URI that you will use.

As soon as your application has been processed and approved by the Navigraph Development Team the credentials will be emailed to you.