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How it Works

First and foremost, this API does not bypass the SimBrief login system. This means that should you develop dispatch tools using the API, any pilots who wish to use them will require a SimBrief (or Navigraph) account. This is necessary as SimBrief must be able to track which AIRAC cycle to deliver to the user currently using your system.

The way you design your system is largely up to you, however when one of your users finally requests a flight plan (by pressing your system’s “Generate” button, for example), a small popup window is created to house the SimBrief background process. If your pilot is not already logged into the SimBrief website, this popup window will ask them to enter their username and password before continuing. The popup will then display a progress bar indicating the flight plan’s progress.

Once done, the popup window will automatically close and the pilot will be sent back to your website, where they will be able to view their flight plan however you choose to display it.